News!!! Dyno-might has moved to our new location in Kirkkonummi! We will re-open on the 07.08.2017 at Ojangonkaari 6, Halli 10 Kirkkonummi 02480.

Dyno-might's new web shop has opened to the public as of the 07.03.2016 providing access to over 70,000 Custom Harley Davidson parts and accessories! Go check it out at:

1. Now is the time to book your bike in for repairs, service or dyno tuning! Hurry as times available are limited. We have in stock the new PC V for 2009 models!  

2. We are now offering transport for motorcycles to and from our workshop including the winter months. Now you can have your bike tuned or serviced so it's ready to ride when the next years season begins!

 3. Now we can offer Tuning-link tuning for fuel injected Harley-Davidson models which can be fitted with Power commander units. 

 Open now!!!

Dyno-might has now opened it's doors for motorcycle servicing, tyre changing and balancing etc... We are open from 10am-5pm mon-fri. Winter times are tues-fri 10-16. Please call us for all your motorcycle service and and tyre changing needs. We can also refill Nos bottles. Phone now to reserve a time Ph: 040 774 9633

Dynojet 250i

Introducing the revolutionary Dynojet 250i to southern Finland, Dyno-might will offer the ultimate in motorcycle performance tuning and also include a range of other performance services to give you the best possible results from your EFI engine. With our shop opening in the second week of May, we will be performing first and foremost motorcycle dyno testing and a select range of motorcycle servicing. A fully equipped workshop with full sales and service including a tyre changing and balancing facility.

Nos Refills

With a huge increase in Nitros oxide applications being sold in Finland, we have taken into consideration the need for a NOS Refill Station here in Espoo. We cater for all bottle sizes and all NOS applications. Check out our pricelist for a price on your refill requirements.

Tuning Link

As great as the Dynojet dyno's are, the only way they can be improved upon is to add the incredible software to take advantage of the tuning link system. The tuning link software is on it's way to us here at Dyno-might and we will be able to offer the best possible dyno service known to southern Finland.

No.1 Dyno Room

After painstaking research, we at Dyno-might have designed and built the ultimate in dyno room's to eliminate all the problems our competition have encountered. Based on the fact that we needed to have a sound-proof room as not to disturb our neighbours, we attempted and succeeded in building a room able to not only block out the sound but, keep the temperature at a remote controlled level to create a real life test for actual driving conditions. This has always been a problem for other dyno room's due to the lack of control of the temperature in the room.

Lack of space and a lack of control of the room's temperature causes temp levels to rise according to the bikes own temp level increase. We have built a massive room with a state of the art air-conditioning system purposefully designed to keep the temperature at a constant level. While other's thought that it was enough to buy a Dynojet dyno, we went many steps further to ensure that the dyno had the perfect conditions required to effortlessly re-produce an exact mapping enviroment on every pull.